RV to House Trailer

Life does not always go as you planed.    I had my Nomad designed to build, & even started collecting materials.   But, since I didn’t sell my SPEC House (renting rooms now)  &  being cash strapped, plus already owning a 2002 31′ Travel Trailer with a 10,100 lbs rated frame, that had a bad roof leak, plus after I lived in it through a up state NY winter (condensation damage) while building a house, (roof damage was done at the factory! when I found the clause).

So I decided to gut IT down to it’s frame & rebuild it as a not so Tiny House Trailer.    I know it’s age & all, and most likely couldn’t have GIVEN it away now(for the rot & mildew smell)!   So as it has a frame that is over the wheels, and a heavy duty 10,100 GVW rated frame(for the Slid-out weight I guess), I will be building a Long low Tiny House Trailer, with the bedroom & an “office” on the first floor.   At my age & 50+ yrs of hard used body,  smarter anyways.  There will be some storage space in the loft,  plus  a secondary solar water heater set up on the dormer roof,  later.    I will be using as much of the “guts” as I can.  3 way Refrigerator, Stove w/ oven!, Microwave, Toilet, LP gas lines & set up, 110/12 V wiring, Inverter, Water pump, the 4 large water tanks, maybe even the roll up awning, etc.

During the Delicate Demo, I will be taking notes & photos as I go, as it will be a learning curve on how it went together(& so  not get hurt taking it apart alone either), & also hopefully then I will be able to put it back together again!   I need to stay close to the old floor plan, to reuse everything as almost is, but I liked the floor plan, why I bought it,  it is the same as my Park Model Trailer was.

Looks Nice, right?

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