My designs are all well UNDER 2000 sq ft.  They run between what I would call “Small” but not tiny, to Modest.   Starting at around 400 sq ft (which is really only 350 interior sq ft! because the 6″ walls take up a greater percentage, when you are down at this size)  Up to the“Modest” homes  3=4  Bedrooms, 2+ baths 900 =1700 sq ft.  They are for a good sized family, and all are designed to shut down an upstairs when NOT in use.  The 400 = 800 sq ft,  work well for Guest home/ In-laws / Cabin, Singles, Simple living retirement couples, most with a “Spare room” for a child, Office?  If you are looking for much under 500 sq ft, there is not much yet, and most likely will not be, unless you look at my Nomad Tiny House Trailer designs.    But there are a number of Great sites to go to for designs /ideas at that Tiny House level!   As an aging Baby Boomer, I now have been looking at what may happen in the next 30+ yrs.  So I try to have at least one Handicap adaptable for each layout.  They are mostly the bumped out larger sizes #2’s # 3’s, which you really would need to comfortably allow wheelchair use.    I did one tiny down in my Scrub Oak #1s.

I also personally have always had many hobbies, interests, & how I made my living for over 30 yrs, that generate so much clutter.  So over the years have somewhat always designed/played with plans for the needed the space for them or hiding them!  I had a small home, but a large Shop/Barn!  Almost every one of the designs has an office/guest room, even if it is very small.  With a look to where an attached garage can go.   Doors & windows placement, & still have enough windows in each room.  A garage is a plain must have for some areas of the country, or someone with a woodshop & tools, or many large items hobbies, gardening, bikes, etc.  Then some of the plans are of a size, that they are not a problem for some county’s Zoning minimum sq ft size limit codes.  The common seems to be around 1200 sq ft min.  Then some county’s codes have a size that if you are under in sq ft, do NOT need  a licensed Engineer / Architect signed off set of plans.  If over that sq ft footage, you will need a licensed Engineered / Architect  drawings.  My plans are NOT yet. I might start to pay to have the better selling plans done.   So DO look into those points before buying your land or my designs.

I have worked out some of my personal “Pet Pevies”, and have some nice fairly simple little design touches to help make “small” sweeter.   Ideas I have seen used in something I worked on, or designed myself etc.


  • Real “workable” sized kitchens, for people who cook(AND clean up afterward!). Even if you don’t cook, it’s nice closed in storage, adds to resale.
  • Dual use bathrooms. A Powder Room & Bathroom in one(2 people can use at once, as all plans only have ONE bath per floor).
  • “Changeable Capes” designs.  Designed to change as the family dynamites change.   The upstairs are easily closed off & shut down when not needed. A couple = to a family = back to a couple= to “live in” help.  A way to Build to “Get over the Local min sq ft Code”,  but never use the upstairs.
  • Little wasted space with “Hallways”.
  • Use of Awning windows in areas for natural venting in all weather.
  • Pocket doors. So needed in tight spaces,  not needing to allow for the “swing & Parking room”. Better for wheelchairs, the opening is wider & easier to get through(1” wider & no knob to catch), or plain, maybe the door is hardy ever going to be closed, & so then left open, the doors are gone.
  • ALL have a Washer/Dryer, most have a spot for dishwasher even if it’s a 18” one!
  • A lot of closed storage & there areas noted sized for “Built-ins”, designed using “off the shelf” cabinets.
  • No doorways under 2’ 8”.
  • Some designs are designed to be handicap accessible, or can be modified easily to be helpful there when needed.

Some information (in my notes on the plans) that if you put the money out THEN, can save you later, & or you are thankful through out the life of the house.  There are “notes/ heads up” everywhere, for them(full set).   Some are keeping up with home life style changes (recycling, etc.)

The plans start designed to save money in building costs.   Trying to keep it simple & use common “off the shelf” sizes.  Not a lot of “Dressing Up”.  You can always add to The Simple Plan, not as easy to cut the complicated.  Plumbing is ganged nearby for short runs, ( hot water staying HOT!  copper costs?). Most are designed with the idea of a attached garage, even if it’s later(notes to put in the receiving Framing NOW)  All can be modified/customized using the “The Notes” for ideas / changes (If working with a builder, do it ON paper FIRST!)  Most have no problem doing it then, & saves a lot money.  The #1 = #6s, are variations of the basic wall layout. With #1 being the bare bones, with each # up, made a bit more larger.   The “A, B, C “s  are slight changes in layout. The tiny bit Larger maybe really make sense if you are seriously looking to handicap accessible later.

There will be 2 price levels.

Carpenter’s or Simple Set: For people who know how to build.  Have their own windows/sizes, etc.  3D interior, Floor plans, Elevations, Kitchen layout.  A few notes on tricky spots.

Full sets: (later)  Floor Plans(some measurements), Window Schedules  (are in Anderson 100s,  They are now sized to mix/change all the styles to be able to use the same rough openings, within limits. No tall awnings or short casements, etc.).  Elevations, Framing plans, & Cross sections,  Kitchen Layout & 3D  Kitchen(a few layouts offered),  many more notes & ideas for changes. These are NOT engineered Stamped plans (check with your building/zoning codes).

The list runs smallest to largest.

The Scrub Oak

Start at 14′ x 28′ =392 sq ft   (351 sq ft Inside)

A one story Ranch type home, or one of my “Katrina Cottage designs”.  It’s my smallest tightest so far, but I think still workable for a single person, or the the right couples.  All on one floor(no loft bedrooms).  There a few creative changes you can do to get a little bit more room,  places that CAN be framed with 2x3s instead of 2x4s if you take the time to have a few around.  (I highlight in yellow on The Set).  Remember, down at this sized home, every INCH counts for a few less banged funnybones.  Walls with no Electrical boxes, or use shallow electrical boxes (your electrician will hate you).  Can have a lot of storage if you go to 42″ upper cabinets & use the Calif closet systems & not have a dresser.


  • There is NO hall space waste.
  • Use a kitchen cabinet as a built-in dresser, or you can drop and have a longer closet, and set it up inside with the dresser area.
  • Stacking washer/dryer in the bedroom.
  • Put a glass door instead of the egress window in the bedroom for a side exit.
  • Uses a Lazy Susan as a Bar for dining table
  • 18″ dishwasher can be put on the one side of the sink, or a 3 drawer cabinet.
  • Slider or not.
  • Not for an attached garage.
  • Living room can have a slider or not.


  • There is NO hall space waste
  • Side door into Kitchen
  • Can have a attached garage
  • Use a kitchen cabinet as a built-in dresser, or you can drop and have a longer closet, or set a dresser area up inside.
  • Stacking washer/dryer in the bedroom.
  • Put a glass door instead of the egress window in bedroom for a side exit.
  • Uses a dining table.
  • 18″ dishwasher can be put on the one side of the sink, or a 3 drawer cabinet.
  • Living room can have a slider or not.


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