Handy Work

I have for the last 20+ years supported myself doing work for others.  From being in the Home Building Trades for many years on Martha’s Vineyard(plus our crew didn’t turn up their nose on repairs), to building my own homes.  I have learned to do almost it all.  Which makes it easier for small renovations to finish timely, not always having to wait for a subcontractor to come for some things.

With being a women, some women feel more comfortable having me do their work. I also take care, & tend to keep a neater job site!  From my training & having many dogs, I have a special ability to READ /work around dogs.  Having done some major jobs in households with many large breed dogs, Rotties, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois.   I had one site where the young son accidentally let the “nasty” Rottie loose.  As the dog charged me(she had a another Rottie who would LOVE charge me)  I knew the “difference”, & slowly backed into a room & shut the door, until he was under control.  As long as they can be kept out my job site area, I don’t care if they are around.   Cats now, I have a slight allergy to.  Their fur bothers my eyes some.  I can take it for short periods, or a very clean kept home if more than one.

I’m an artist first, & so take pride in the work my name goes on.  Like I will not do tile showers on green/blue board, or do something wrong.  I sometimes I will do a bandaid til it can be fixed right.  I’m getting up there in age now,  so I don’t not take on Heavy projects anymore, like additions & decks.  I can still do kitchen renovations.

I am truthful. I will tell you what you could do, that you’d get the most out of, or what can just be bandaided, & left for awhile:

Aging? One house of a couple in their 70’s asked what to do with it at their age. I saw the bathrooms were dated, but fully functional, & would need major framing & plumbing changes to bring up to date.  Just needed some re calking, & one needed the walls re-taped & painted.  I said to leave the rest for the next owners.   Their kitchen now, needed to be replaced, & they would get the most use out of their money spent.  It was a very hard used Kitchen /Laundry/Dining area, they spent of their waking hours in.

Someone wanted me to paint a dull/dirty porch ceiling………. I took some bleach & washed a spot…… was just mildew.

Someone wanted me to fix a garage door.  I looked at the leaning badly rotten building & said, “This building is totally unsafe!” Don’t put any more money into it, it needs to come down, before it comes down ON YOU.”  She had just paid someone else, who had just re-roofed it.  So they took her money, when they should NOT have. You couldn’t pay me to go inside that building.

I can do:  Tile is my specialty, down to custom Showers.  Painting, small areas of Sheetrock/Taping, Flooring, I have done whole Kitchen & Bath Renovations.


I can help you design too.  I know that some people want something new, but just haven’t a clue where to start, or what will work.

The framing & cement base in.

Then there are the people  know they have no sense of design.  Many times I’ll set up about 3 different Ideas, that I know will work for the area.  Then it narrows the choices down to something they can deal with. Then comes color choices.


On “Honey Do”lists, I tell people to start a list over time, or things will be forgotten.

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