Australian Shepherds

Pearl, High In Trial Aussie

I have always liked to Train / Work with animals.  So after I made the decision that horses were too expensive & hard on my aging body.  I looked to dogs, also to keep the deer from my Daylilies. I remembered Aussies from my days in the Calif Horse world.  Well of course I had to train them too.

I was lucky to find a aussie breeder who came from the same back ground, small time horse breeding, to dogs.  Who stuck her neck out, & let me have a chance with one of her good pups.

Watermark Vineyard Pearl CGC, CD, RE, NA, NAJ,


PEARL was everything I wanted,  at my side 24/7,  did everything I ask of her, & then some.  Pearl was sitting on 2 of the  3 needed legs on 5 other Titles, when I lost her to cancer at 8 yrs young.

I bred her a few times. I have 3 sons from her.  She never threw any “nice” females even close to herself.

First  is “HILTON”  Vineyard Dressed to The Hilt   CGC,  NR, NA, NAJ, NF, ASCA  JS-O, RS-N, GS-N.     He’s a cross using AKC show lines.  He’s sweet & a lover, but doesn’t have Pearl’s drive, only truly interested in doing things for me only if food is involved.  Pearl would just do anything I asked.  I learned he is a One day Trial dog, or maybe 1st & 3rd day.

Hilton going at his own pace.

He is somewhat retired now, as ……………………………

Worf at 4 months old on The Teeter

Then from Pearl’s last litter, a working line cross, came WORF,  a male about 150% of her

Personality.  The other 50%? He is TOO intense / smart, & ready to work at 8 weeks!  Tries TOO hard, & “guesses” what I want, a lot!    “WORF” Vineyard Heart Of Glory   CGC NR OA OAJ OF,   ASCA  CD, ER, JS-E GS-E RS-O   by 3 1/2 yrs old already.  Been High In Trial aussie a few times. Will take me as far as my Time, Money, & aging Body will.

Worf Flying. He DID make that jump.

Breeze at her 1st ASCA Conformance show

“Breeze”,  Howyln Poinsett Vineyard Sea Breeze CGC, NR NAJ NA NF, ASCA NR,  is my pretty little blue Merle.  At 2 1/2 + yrs, Just started ASCA Agility.   I think she is my  1 st aussie, who will pick up “Titles” on both ends of her name.  She went Res.  Winners Bitch twice at the PENN-NY ASCA Conformation shows in May.   Prefix Titles are for Conformation. Suffix Titles are for Performance. To me, the best representatives of Their “Breed”, should have both.  The Ability to DO what the breed was developed for, PLUS the body to do it with.

“Tash”, Watermark Vineyard Tashmoo ASCA RN, JS-N Is my other Blue Merle female.  She’s sweet & LOVES everyone & thing.  She still has a more than a ways yet to mature mind wise, even if she is 1 1/2 yrs older than Breeze.  She just doesn’t have any impulse control, & so my only one without a CGC!  She is FAST, but doesn’t turn well (straight showlines), & is biddable, but unlike Worf & Breeze, the mind to focus long on the job at hand, is no longer then 10 seconds, is still getting there.  But she is my escape artist, so there is PLENTY of mind there, when she wants to use it.    She has a daughter who is WELL on her way to her Conformation Titles already.   That came in 3rd in her age group at  2013 USASA Nationals!

Rue Watermark Masquerade, mjr ptd
(Am. GCh. Hearthside Master of Disguise x Watermark Vineyard Tashmoo RN)

Then there is Nite.  MV Grand Illumination Nite CGC, NJ . My Pretty Black Tri boy who is a afraid of heights & smooth floors.  I did some Trialing with him (Jumpers only),  But with at least 2 other dogs to show. I can’t afford to waste much time & money on him.   I would re home him to the right home.

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