The Vineyard House

The Vineyard House

Is 20′ x 24″ 1 1/2 story Saltbox, made to look a little like a Cape, with some deco roof lines.  I had maybe 700 sq ft of USE able space(minis 1′ for the walls), plus the 20 sq ft of the  much needed 4′ x 5′ Mudroom.  Because it was small, I did a few things in it, to keep things simple & clean looking.  It was Passive Solar, with a 8″ thick Tiled Cement slab on the front half for Thermal Mass Heat Storage.  The back half was a full height basement, for the few utilities.  Accessed with bulkhead outdoors & a trapdoor inside.  I did have an overhang for the summer sun, but also left  Oak trees to leaf out too.

  1. So I brought the outdoors in, with all the windows & slider. I used the “No trim” look on the windows & doors.  That’s where the sheet rock wraps around to the window.  Just a less cluttered look. I had no curtains up, was only my own land around me.
  2. It has a good sized Kitchen, but didn’t have Upper cabinets on the window side of the kitchen, except for one to hang the range hood on. Just a large Picture window to look out at my garden & horses while I cooked.
  3. Used a Lazy Susan bar for my Table, needed the storage underneath.
  4. Had 6″ Exterior Walls, before anyone else.   Also Chris Crossed Framed & Double insulated side walls for a super a high R value in less space(Labor Intensive, but I heated with only 1/4=1/3 of a cord of wood a year.   Could leave the house through a whole new England winter without draining the pipes.    And we got WIND! I also had NO pipes on exterior walls, & ganged VERY close together.
  5. The Roof /Ceiling on the top floor was  Chris Crossed Framed & Double insulated too, 10″ total.
  6. A front loading washer was built in under the kitchen counter.  I have always line dried my clothes.
  7. The first floor ceiling was 2″ x 6′ tongue & grove Spruce Roofers on fir 4″ x6″ beams (you have to plan your overhead wiring ahead early)  No insulation between floors, as I used a wood stove & wanted the heat to drift upstairs (I had vent/hole cut in the floor above the wood stove.  (May not be code now days).
  8. Open on the side of the stairs to open up the living room area.
  9. The cinder block chimney was kept inside the house to make use of the heat it would hold long after the wood was gone.
  10. Built-in shelving & cabinets, TV was up high on the wall.
  11. I had built a Teak Neo-angled Vanity in the bathroom, opened up the floor space more.
  12. A Large 6′ plus custom shower, with a cubby hole shampoo storage. With an high awning window in the shower for venting in all weather. Linen closet.
  13. Used a Pocket door for the Bathroom
  14. Some of what I did most likely could not be done with today’s codes. (stair run might need a platform at the base, depends on ceiling height codes too.)
  15. I sold it to a couple with one child & a love of animals, two weeks BEFORE it even was to hit the market!

The New “updated” 1st Floor Plan:

I may dig up the old photos(most were Polaroids,& not great) & do a step by step on this, if people are interested.

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