Catching UP.

I have been way too busy to post much, so will do a catch up post.

1st I designed & built a 10′ x 14’shed. I needed a place to store things.  As I do have to get everything out of the single wide, to be moved away.   I don’t work as fast as I used to.

My Shed dDsign

My Shed Design

Shed Built,  but not finished

Shed Built, but not finished


I also built a good sized gravel dog pen behind it, with 5′ high fencing on top timbers, that hopefully will keep Tash in.   Transplanted some nice river birch from the other side of the place,  and seeded nomow seed & landscaped the slope off the back side of the pen. I do need to get an updated photo of that.


We then had a MONSTER rain that just about over flowed a 24″ culvert under the 2nd driveway.  The water went down & I saw there were large branches, logs,& junk the former owner had tossed in the stream bed.  So then I decided I needed to clean  all the ditches & stream bed out. $$$$ Good thing because we have had another monster rain since then.  As of 7/15,  40+” over the normal amount of rain fall.

The water almost over the top of a 24" culvert

The water almost over the top of a 24″ culvert

You can JUST see the top bit of culvert.

so that lead to just plain clearing out & seeding everywhere I could & get it over & done with.

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