Starting the Site Work

I will try to explain things as I go for anyone else ever planning to build themselves. There are many MANY things with the site layout & work, people don’t think about until it’s too late.  Plus KNOW your property lines!!!

Take your TIME with laying out your site!  Moving most of this part of this part of  designing,  later is BIG BUCKS or maybe plain just can’t be done.

Think about the future & what you may want to do.   I made a mistake with my first house, or I’d be set now money wise.   If you lot’s size is large enough & it’s ALLOWED, & you CAN divide, & then sell / give to a child, etc., for any reason……….DO IT!!!!  Get it Grandfathered in.  Divide BEFORE they CHANGE the zoning on you, it happens all the time.  You might pay a little more in Taxes, but “Raw Land” rates are low.   You can always USE the spare lot(s) for many things til the time comes.  A Shed/Barn on skids, Farming, Parking, Pasture, Dog run, Walking trails, etc,.  Just don’t put any permanent buildings/things you may want on it(or your septic, well, AND allow for the spare lot’s!) .  Then there are the BIG things like, how & where are you setting your House (additions later & set backs?), Water & power lines(power can be pushed only so far, or it needs a primary box $$$), Driveway, Out buildings, Animals, Pool, Fish pond, etc.?   How your driveway runs, can you back out easily(heavy traffic?), or do you want a turn around? a loop, where you might everyday park & walk to the house without garaging, where is the garage? how many parking spaces…….kid’s cars later?  Steep hill & snow & ice?  Were might the snow be PUSHED to if plowed(no fancy garden there!!).  Ease of use for large trucks, moving, delivery, heating fuel(where are you putting a tank?)  Septic pump out.   A gravel kid’s parking spot now, can become a place for a shed later.  If you are allowed farm animals, say your daughter becomes a horse nut, are you going to pay big $$$ to board out, or keep at home? They have barns on skids, a horse trailer? Water line to a barn(hauling enough water for a horse, is NOT easy), RV.  Goats, Chickens can smell some.  Down wind? but what about your neighbors?  How far do you want to walk to care for any of them in BAD weather, when your are sick as a dog?   Storage/Parking for boats, RV’s, Barn, & whether you run power & water hook up to it.   Line of sight from the house.  What do you want to see?  I had a picture prefect view of my horses in their pasture, but I don’t really care to see my dog’s chain link kennels.  What is ON the lot now?  Have beautiful big trees do you want to save, a stream?  There always is, what kind of screen landscaping you CAN DO, to hide things if your lot is tight.

The more you might want to be able to do with your lot, the more time & planning at this stage you have to do.  Bringing “The BIG Machines” back in later is expensive, & plain tears up or out, your landscaping you might have worked years on.

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