Sold The Caswell House, Time to start on my Final Home.

I finally sold (gave away, really) my Spec house, The Caswell.    I did pick up 5 tough acres in Western, North Carolina, 2 years ago, with an old rotting Single Wide Model home on it.   This will be my final home I design, & build as much of it as I can, before I get too old.

It took me 2 1/2 yrs to find it.  It has almost all I was looking for, but it is a very rough lot & a lot of it is in very rough shape.  Will take a lot of work to get it fixed up.   The former owner clear cut over 1/2 of it, & left the stumps & let the briers all grow up, (there are still many Black Walnut trees, will come down( too messy, & they almost poison the ground under them).  A HUGE mess.  But areas will be my private woods, & mostly stay wild.

A lot of it(& most of where I’m building) has Huge trees, & a area of large & one really HUGE Beech trees, which I love.  It has town water(I’m not going to deal with whole house filters & dead well pumps in my old age), but there are NO RESTRICTIONS!!   A big thing for someone with 5+ dogs & chickens, & what ever I want to do.  Dog Training, Doggy Day care?   There a tiny spring running down the middle in a gully.  This time, I will divide it into 2 pieces, to be-able to sell off later, when I need the money.  Which as someone who has only been self employed, means no pensions, or big savings after losing mine in the building bust.   Meanwhile I can use it, (they do need a lot of work cleaning them up).   I will just keep my buildings/gardens, etc. to “my Lot”.  A stone’s throw to a Country Club, 1 level mile to the small town, with everything right there.  New Food Store, Post Office,  2 banks, hardware store, small lumber yard, 3 Gas stations, etc. even a Thriftshop!!!  15/20  minutes to Asheville airport, Hospital, & the big stores, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, etc.

The ditch at the road has failed, & the D.O.T will not do anything about it.   There are is one huge Wash out areas/ Tunnel, that runs for 50′ into my land & is half open & half under ground that runs UNDER two large trees!  Then a few smaller ones.  Tash is ON the big one, & the log sticking out of the hole is 6′ LONG.  So  a lot of work to be done.

I want to place the house where the Mobile is now, & found out, no one knows where the septic is, & it has NEVER been pumped out!  And most surely not up to code. So a lot of planing to do this.

It will be an “Outside the Box” House, on a Japanese theme & gardens. Using Superior Walls for all the walls of the house & garage.

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