Roofing Done just in Time to Head to FL.

Weather Tight to Leave for the Winter

I have been too flat out since well before Thanksgiving to post this.    The weather cleared enough for me to finish the roofing to safely leave my Tiny House Trailer for a period.  There is still 2 windows to put in on this side, & maybe one on the dormer. But for now it’s weather “Tight” this way.

I’m having to take 2 1/2 to 3 months to go to FL. to move my parents into Assisted Living, & then clear their home totally out for placing on the market.     My Mother who has ALZ now, was an acquirer/ hoarder, not on an really bad scale, but they also have a world class Shell collection, & she has 1000’s of photos of them from their 12 years in Micronesia.  Every single thing has to be opened & looked into.  I have found over $1000 in cash, & many Rare shells, hidden so far.  I do hope to make this somewhat of a wake up call to myself………Stop keeping things, After I finish my last home!  It will be awhile before I write again.

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