Inside Work

It has been Raining & RAINING, day in & day out again.   I have had the New pieces of Everlast II roofing,  but can’t put them up!  The color is a PERFECT match to the 8 year old pieces!   So I have been still working inside.  So glad I went with the Zip panels.  So I have been putting in the Insulation.

The Bedroom Walls

I have even been getting the Lauan Plywood wall panels up.  The bedroom is walls are done.  The bed will run the way the table is, with the head to the right where the wiring is.

I had pre painted them during the warm weather.  I’ll just spot paint them later.   I have painted white where I’ll build in the cabinet/closets.  I’ll use cleats & only one side, the front panel, & the bottom.  saves space & weight.

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