Front end Roof Trim

The Nose Roofline Trim

I finally have the Nose Gable end Trim Up.  There is a bit of Flair hidden in it as, something is off a hair.  I used a piece of The Steel roofing to “see it” & correct it.  As I know from putting up the Roofing on my Barn.  Steel has NO GIVE for not being square.  Which my Pole Barn was not.

Notice I haven’t put anymore windows in, than I did to stop the rain coming in the holes I had.   They can be cut in ANY TIME.   Windows restricts where you can lean a ladder, to work on the roof trim & roofing.  I did build a custom height Homemade set of Staging.  I don’t have any steel sets, & am not going rent them.  It’s lighter in weight to move around.    2 Tall “H” brackets, all crossed braced together.  One person can drag slowly as a whole unit, no taking it apart every time you need to move it.

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