Starting on The Roofing

Figuring Out the Roofing Layout

I’m finally getting to “Fitting” the roofing.  I have 9   6′ pieces leftover pieces of the good Everlast II Steel Roofing from when I had to re roofed the big Vineyard Barn, of it’s Ondura within 8 yrs,………. some life time.  Do NOT use  it for anything more than a shed.  The Everlast II  is a nice neutral color, Ash Gray. But it’s a color I can’t match from big box stores.  Also I want to collect rain water off this roof,  or I would just use their Gal Steel roofing.  So for the water collecting, I have saved & paint a 14′ piece of the tiny “gutter”from the RV Demo.  It’s only about 1 1/2″ tall  by 3/4” in depth, & I put it up on the backside.     I doubt any “new” Pieces of Everlast II will match in color, after 8 yrs.  Should be close.  The panels were all cut off leftovers, and the cut edge IS totally rust free yet.   So I will put the new on the back.  That way any difference doesn’t show,  your eye can’t compare the two flat side be side.  A trick if you are painting a room, and have to do only one or two messed up walls, or one or two half empty cans of paint(don’t want to bother with the messy job of mixing the cans).   Just do the whole wall, but stop at the corners. The corner & lighting never lets you compare the difference.

There has been a lot of rain, so have been working inside.  The benefits of the new Zip panels, lets you start inside.  I do have a couple of leaks, one on a dormer side & that roof panel too. It was where I last came through the rafters from the inside to work on the roof. I put something to collect the drips.   I have mostly been cutting & fitting the Polyisocyanurate  insulation panels.  Been cutting it on the table saw, & fitting them.  Seem to do any tapers easier that way.

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