My Door is Up!

The Door

I finally have the door Up, but I wouldn’t say in.  I have to trim it out, which is tied in with window above it & the “Rafterets” I have to put across the front.   They will break up that flat face front, & Caboose Look”, & give me a place to tie in some kind of a overhang.   I have decided not to put the 18′ awning up.  It is just too long, when rolled up (which is always here, remember the open 150 acres hayfield), so it blocks two windows from opening right.  If I can find or trade for a smaller one, I might still put one up.

The door was a pain. I bought it about two years ago for my Nomad design……& swing.  So I can’t return now, so had to cut it down & flip it to change the swing(to keep exterior side out), so  the knob is on the high side now.  The jam was for the old  2″x4″ exterior wall width & was only a 2’6″ 78″ high.  So it was a small fiberglass not steel door to begin with, at only a cost of $149, & was hard to find.   I cut it down another inch to 77″, & planed 3/16″s  off the sides to clear off the old hinge cut outs on the door.  Then ripped the jams down for a 2″x3″ wall(every inch that stays out of my path to the kitchen(door left open), if I get a screen door up), will help.  so then shorten it & brought the sides in on the Jam too, because of planing off 3/8″.  Painted it & the jam.

At some point I need to build a Mini porch,  I’m not hanging out on those RV steps to open the door in the wind & weather.  I did it with the RV & hated it sometimes, & fell off more than once, when the wind grabbed the door.   I just haven’t decided what light weight materials to use.  I can’t find straight grain fir decking here, or come up with a design that comes apart easily for transport.  It is quit high up.

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