1st Window In

1st Window is IN

We had another small HHH “heatwave”.  So I repainted in the shady sides, staying one side ahead of the sun.  Since it is now so closed in(I quit cutting the window holes out),  it is HOT inside & DARK!  So to get some cross ventilation & working inside in bad weather, I put the bedroom awning window up.    I still have to cut the vent in & get the two corner pieces of T-111 up on the top back.  I’ll have to do that from a big ladder, everything else was done from the “upstairs” hanging over the top.

New color on a long side too

I have a lot of work to do on the front yet.  So I have left off the small ridge pieces of Zip panels yet.  Much more jungle jim work off the collar ties to do.

Need to put in a few more windows, like the big double casement, that’s on the weather side, & a rain problem now. I have to put it back together.   I wanted the tan windows, & found a few.   All my windows are leftover, wrong sizes, from many trips to an outlet store for replacement windows.  I have paid only a Total of $385 for all 8 windows in my Tiny House Trailer!  I have 5 awning, which were very hard to find.  I want to be able to leave them open in the rain.  So I have been painting the outside of the white ones.  Everywhere you see old color is a window cut out.  Can see how it goes with the roofing panel at least tone wise, that’s leaning on the garage in the back ground.  I guess I’ll see if I can spray paint the LP tanks cover now, too.

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